Features And Advantages Of Plastic Cup Thermoforming Machine

The plastic cup thermoforming machine is an ideal equipment for manufacturing disposable plastic products, which is mainly composed of the body, the cup making device and the sheet conveying mechanism. Today, let's follow LITAI MACHINERY to understand the working principle, features and advantages of plastic cup thermoforming machine, hoping to be helpful to everyone.

Plastic thermoforming processing equipment is developed on the basis of rubber machinery and metal die casting machines. Since the introduction of polymer injection molding technology and simple molding equipment in the 1870s, as an industry, it did not develop rapidly until the 1930s. Plastic molding processing equipment was gradually commercialized, and injection molding and extrusion molding have become industrialized. processing method. Blow molding is the third largest plastic molding method after injection molding and extrusion, and it is also a plastic molding method.

Working principle of plastic cup thermoforming machine

The plastic cup thermoforming machine replaces the mold to make disposable cups/bowls/square boxes and plastic packaging products. The cup making machine is mainly used to produce disposable plastic containers. Such as water cups, beverage cups, jelly cups, yogurt cups, packaging bowls, instant noodle bowls, plastic cup lids, square boxes, fruit trays and related plastic packaging products such as medicine, light industry, textiles, travel, toys, etc.

Features of Plastic Cup Thermoforming Machine

Mainly in that one end of the sheet conveying mechanism is set in the fuselage at the outlet of the cup making machine, and the other end is connected to the fuselage through a sliding connection mechanism; the sheet conveying mechanism is a chain conveying mechanism, including a chain conveyor belt and a chain row seat; The mechanism is a chain transmission mechanism, including a chain conveyor belt and a chain row seat. The front end of the chain conveyor belt is connected to the fuselage through a sliding mechanism, and the rear end is connected to the chain row seat. The chain row seat is connected to the fuselage through a sliding connection mechanism.

The sliding connection mechanism consists of a sliding rail set on the fuselage and a sliding block matched with it on the chain row seat; the sliding mechanism consists of a chain conveyor belt pulley and front fuselage and pulley tracking. Because of the sliding connection mechanism and the sliding mechanism, the chain transmission mechanism can move backward along the sliding rail, so that the mold and the lower mold can be easily replaced.

Advantages of plastic cup thermoforming machine

1.High efficiency, energy saving, safety and environmental protection, and high product qualification rate.

2. The whole machine integrates sheet feeding, heating, stretching, forming, trimming, cup blowing, and scrap winding at one time, which greatly saves labor costs and improves product profitability.

3. The advantages of stable operation, low noise, strong clamping force and high product rate.

4.The whole machine is controlled by PLC touch screen, the operation is simple and convenient. The cam runs smoothly, sturdy and durable, and the production speed is fast. Different plastic products can be produced by installing different molds to achieve the purpose of one machine with multiple uses.

5. The raw materials are widely used, such as PS, PP, PVC, PET, ABS and other plastic sheets can be processed and manufactured.

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