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Commissioning and technical services

Online debugging / offline service / technical service

Commissioning service
Online commission
Under the premise of a global pandemic, we will respond to the call of the country and reduce the flow of personnel as much as possible, so we hope to help customers solve installation and debugging through online installation as much as possible. If you have an engineer in your factory, you can complete the installation and commissioning of the machine after our professional training and online guidance from the engineer.
Offline commission
Our overseas engineernes
If there is no engineer in the customer's factory, and it is really impossible to complete the installation and debugging by itself, then we also have overseas engineers from the local or nearby countries to help us with the installation. These engineers have installed and debugged Our machines and trusted engineers.
Engineer from factory
If we do not have overseas engineers locally, then we will arrange for the masters in our factory to go abroad to help customers install, but the related costs also need to be borne by the customer.
Technical service
After the machine is sold, if the customer has any technical problems, we will respond as soon as possible, and arrange engineers or after-sales personnel to help customers solve the problem through online guidance.
  • repair
    Replacement of critical or worn parts and correction of performance values outside of specified tolerances to restore expected machine productivity and avoid long downtime.
  • maintain
    The preventive maintenance of LITAI MACHINERY and the dispatch management of service technicians can greatly reduce the risk of downtime.
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