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How To Use Plastic Cup Thermoforming Machine?

Plastic cup thermoforming machine cold press molding. We also often call it cold pressing sintering, which differs from general compression molding in that it promotes pressure molding of materials at room temperature. After demolding, the mouldings can be cured again by heating or by chemical action. This method is generally used in the molding of polytetrafluoroethylene materials, and is also used in some high temperature resistant plastics (such as polyimide, etc.). The general process is from the three processes of blanking - sintering - cooling.

Plastic cup thermoforming machine transfer molding. This one is a molding method of thermosetting plastics. When molding, the molding compound is heated and softened in a heating chamber, and then pressed into the heated mold cavity for curing. The transfer molding of plastic cup thermoforming machine will be divided into different types of work according to different equipments: ① flap type; ② tank type; ③ plunger type.

The requirements of transfer molding for plastics are: before reaching the curing temperature, the plastic should have greater mobility, and after reaching the curing temperature, it must have a faster curing rate. Phenolic, melamine formaldehyde and epoxy resins can meet this requirement.


Transfer molding has the following advantages: ① less product waste, which can reduce the amount of post-processing; ② can mold products with fine or fragile inserts and perforations, and can maintain the correct orientation of inserts and holes; ③ product function Uniform, accurate scale and high quality; ④ The wear of the mold is small. The defects are: ⑤ The production cost of the mold is higher than that of the compression mold; ⑥ The plastic loss is large; ⑦ The fiber reinforced plastic is anisotropic due to the fiber orientation; strength decreased.

Plastic cup thermoforming machine low pressure forming

Low pressure molding methods are used to make reinforced plastic products. Reinforcing materials such as glass fiber, textile, asbestos, paper, carbon fiber, etc. Most of the commonly used resins are thermosetting, such as phenolic, epoxy, amino, unsaturated polyester, silicone and other resins.

Low pressure molding includes bag pressure method and spray method

Bag press molding. By virtue of the elastic bag (or other elastic diaphragm) being subjected to fluid pressure, the reinforced plastic between the rigid mold and the elastic bag is uniformly compressed to become a method for the part. According to the different methods of causing fluid pressure, it can be generally divided into pressure bag forming, vacuum bag forming and autoclave forming.

Eruption molding. When molding reinforced plastic products, it is a method of spraying chopped fibers and resin together on a mold with a spray gun to laminate and solidify into a product.

Extrusion. Extrusion molding, also known as extrusion molding or extrusion molding, is a method in which materials are continuously formed through a die in a moving state by heating and pressurizing in an extruder. The extrusion method is mainly used for the molding of thermoplastics, and can also be used for some thermosetting plastics. Extruded products are continuous profiles, such as tubes, rods, wires, plates, films, wire and cable coatings, etc. In addition, it can also be used for mixing, plasticizing, granulating, coloring, and blending of plastics.

The extrusion molding machine is composed of the main parts such as extrusion equipment, transmission mechanism, heating and cooling system. There are two types of extruders, screw type (single screw and multi-screw) and plunger type. The former extrusion process is continuous, the latter is intermittent.

The basic structure of a single-screw extruder mainly includes transmission equipment, feeding equipment, barrel, screw, die and die.

The auxiliary equipment of the extruder has three categories: pre-processing equipment (such as material conveying and drying), extrudate processing equipment (setting, cooling, pulling, cutting or rolling) and production condition control equipment.

Plastic cups are used for disposable plastic products in public places for people to hold water or food. Because the demand for plastic cups in public places is still very large, the thermoforming machine for plastic cups has Great motivation and development. The plastic cup thermoforming machine has always been a powerful equipment for making plastic cups. In the production of plastic cups, the plastic cup thermoforming machine has a very strong function.

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