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Forming mold features
  • Friction
  • Corrosion
  • High temperature
  • high strength
  • High precision
  • good thermal
  • The material of forming mold installation plate, pad high block, pressing frame, molding cavity, strip etc is aluminum, because aluminum has good thermal conductivity ,fast molding preheating, more conducive to forming products and make it integrity, reduce the heating time
  • Through the cavity cooling way to achieve the cooling effect, just let the cooling water through the cavity to achieve the cooling effect of the cavity, this cooling mode is much better than the cooling plate, can maintain the demoulding temperature
  • The forming mould is equipped with a waterproof O-ring to prevent the cooling water leaks out at the connection
  • Nylon faucet used for stretching head when forming, this material is light and surface finish is easy to process
  • Installation plate, pad high block, pressing frame, strip and so on have been sandblasted on the surface which can spray off the small scratches on the surface and change the surface color, so that the whole mold looks small color difference, more beautiful, also can prevent aluminum rust
  • 1Z6A0615
  • 1Z6A0615
  • 1Z6A0615
  • 1Z6A0615
  • 1Z6A0615
  • 1Z6A0615
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