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Technological innovation
You can choose and use classic recyclable plastics such as PET, bio-based materials such as PLA or natural fibers- has machine solutions. As a result, your sustainable products can be more easily recycled and returned to the circular economy, biodegradable and even compostable.
This choice is more important than ever, because the end user's push for sustainable and green packaging is greater than ever. provides you with tomorrow's solutions today.
Simple diagram of plastic product production process
The customer's product is first for us: we reconsider product design and function, materials and ingredients in order to develop more sustainable products. Based on this, we adjust the manufacturing process and optimize your production machines and tools.
Schematic diagram of thermoforming machine process
process optimization
We integrate multiple stations to reduce the complicated mechanical assembly line process. provides our customers with convenient and concise production solutions. On the road of thermoforming machinery design, we continue to innovate and make breakthroughs and improve to achieve sustainable products for customers. A series of questions.
Production process optimization
Find the best settings for your production system based on specific operating conditions and products.

  • Optimal production setting parameters for a specific product
  • Improve efficiency
  • Training and support for machine operators
  • Assist in debugging and producing new products
  • blanking
  • machining center
  • grinding machine
  • lathe
  • milling machine
  • drilling machine
  • boring machine
  • broaching machine
  • heat treatment
  • hardening
  • tempering
  • hardening and tempering
  • welding
  • blasting
  • rough machine
  • finish machine
  • virtual showroom
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