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After-sales spare parts and machine upgrades

After-sales accessories / Machine upgrade

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After-sales accessories
Every machine exported by our company will have a 13-month warranty. As long as there is any problem with the machine during the warranty period, we will help the customer to repair it, and we can mail one for free to the customer if the machine is damaged For new accessories, customers only need to bear the transportation costs. Therefore, during the warranty period, customers do not need to worry about the quality of the machine, because our company will serve as a strong backing for your production.
Machine upgrade
Our machines will undergo certain technical upgrades from time to time. For example, we will launch a three-station thermoforming machine that can be upgraded to a four-station thermoforming machine to provide customers with more options. Its advantage is that if the customer does not have the need to produce products with holes for the time being, they can buy the three-station machine first, and when they need to produce products with holes in the future, they only need to buy our punching station to install it on the three-station machine. Upgraded to a four-station thermoforming machine. At the same time, the performance of the machine is better, the output is higher, and the product quality is better. For our upgraded equipment, we will also update customers with the latest information in time to meet the needs of customers for upgrading equipment.

Functional enhancement standard
Functional enhancement standard
Upgrades are subsequent changes to an installed machine that change or expand the functionality of the machine. Standard upgrades are proven solutions that are standardized depending on machine type.
Individual function enhancement
Individual function enhancement
Upgrades are subsequent changes to an installed machine that change or expand the functionality of the machine. Individual upgrades are tailored to the needs of the customer.
Machine extension
Machine extension
Subsequent extension/conversion of the machine/line by independent machines e.g. BE, PH54/70/75/76, SZA, RS75b low design, PHF80/3, stations such as punching press, stacking, ...
Retrofit kit
Retrofit kit
Conversion kits are predefined spare parts packages that can include spare parts, program change and schematic change. These are to be used in case of discontinued spare parts.
Program changes and new functions that are subsequently added to the machine control system, such as operating information or language.
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