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How to maintain the positive pressure plastic thermoforming mold?

Today, LITAI shares with you how to maintain the positive pressure plastic thermoforming mold. Forming mold mounting plate, pad block, press frame, cavity, strip and other materials are aluminum, because aluminum has good thermal conductivity, forming preheating quickly, more conducive to forming products and making them complete, reducing heating time.

The molding die is cooled by the cavity cooling method. The cooling effect of the cavity can be achieved only by letting the cooling water pass through the cavity. This cooling method is much better than plate cooling and can maintain the demolding temperature.

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Maintenance method of positive pressure plastic thermoforming mold

1. Installation

The cooperation between the thermoforming mold and the machine is very important, so the mold must be made according to the machine used before the mold is opened. In the production process, frequent replacement of molds should be avoided as much as possible. Because in the replacement of the mold, it will inevitably cause some damage to the accuracy of the mold.

2. Temperature

When processing commonly used materials (PP, PS, PVC, etc.), the temperature of the mold is generally 16-18 degrees Celsius. It is worth mentioning that the temperature of the mold should not be lower than 10 degrees Celsius. The production of condensed water will affect the quality of the product and cause the mold to rust. The knife edge of the mold is a crucial part. The relative constant temperature of the upper and lower mold knife edges (±5°C) can make the expansion of the knife edge (the principle of thermal expansion and cold contraction) equal. even cracked. The cooling water system should be inspected daily and the water changed regularly. If the pollution is serious, it is necessary to add detergent and dissolving agent for cleaning to avoid blocking the mold water channel.

Thermoforming plastic cup mould

3. Lubrication

The guide post and guide bush of the linear bearing should be lubricated twice a week; the stretching rod and the ejector rod should be lubricated every eight hours, and pay attention to check whether the nut is loose; the upper and lower mold bodies should be cleaned with an air gun from time to time to prevent foreign matter Entry causes mold damage.

4. Storage

Before storage, use air to remove the residual cooling water in the water channel of the mold body, and then put the mold in a dry environment. If the air humidity in the environment is high, the surface of the mold should be coated with Vaseline or sprayed with rust inhibitor to protect it. Try to place the upper and lower mold bodies separately, and the ejector rod and the stretching rod are vertically upward to prevent the mold from deforming. If conditions do not allow, a flat wooden board should be added between the knife edges of the upper and lower molds to avoid damage to the knife edges.

5.The use and maintenance of thermoforming molds is an experience work, and only competent and experienced people can be competent.

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